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I'm 28

a golfaholic

a father, a husband

a business owner cum slave

did I mentioned I'm a golfaholic?

I'm ....still here... literally.
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16 months since the last entry,

now married, and expecting a baby in 5 months time,

new job, new challenges, new friends, new games, new adventures,

i miss shooting,

have a few new photos but maybe later,

too lazy to open the photoshop and put my watermark,

too lazy to wait,

too lazy to[sit jlsdjljfk//..

bztrt nbastbbbbatbstb

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It's done .. It was on a nice Sunday evening and it was beautiful..

I've got myself the most wonderful gift for my birthday ever.. a fiance.. If you see her, please tell her that I love her, to bits...and it's just a step away from being together till the end of time..

Here, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to my engagement/birthday ceremony especially to :iconjanrystar:, :icontokyop:, :iconobsoletetheory: .. thanks for the wonderful photos and the great time we had in KL, the night market, Melaka, the monopoly and ceremony. Hope you guys enjoy the time, the food and fun here.

To :icongroundzer0: who couldn't make it, you sure missed all the fun, but it's alrite, no worries, there's still time to make it for the wedding!! Hehehe.. we missed you man. Fark police hahaha..

Thanks again.. for everything.
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I'm going to be 26 in exactly 4 days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.... and that's pretty near I guess. And that's a big number of age there! It's another life milestone for me. I have few milestones and goals that I've set for my life long time ago. My life has been going up and down, happy and sad, laughters and tears..which I do treasure each of the experiences gained. It made me wiser and change the way I look at life. This year will mark another big thing in my life, as I am getting married (Insyaallah) in July 2008. But before that, alongside my birthday, my engagement ceremony will also take place on the same day !! =)

I think I've never done any birthday wish list before..the mood struck me suddenly to publish to the universe my wishlist of gadgets and other stuff that one of these days I’d like to get my hands on. So here goes :

1- Nintendo Wii or PS3

2- Canon EOS 5D (24-70mm f2.8L is a bonus =p )

3- BMW X5 with Hamann bodykit (BMW M3 V8 is a bonus hehe)

4- Technofund grant from MOSTI for my company

5- A getaway trip with fiance (to-be in 4 days time) to Koh Samui or Phi Phi, Thailand.

6- That new Gucci Spring/Summer 08 sneakers…

7- New backpack for my Macbook.

8- That new Bell&Ross BR 03-92 White Ceramic…

9- A laser color printer, maybe the HP Color LaserJet 2605.

10- Gift vouchers to Polo Ralph Lauren.

So yeah, that's all, that's the list (in no particular order). We'll see if I get any of those above hehehe.

Can't wait till Sunday, not because of my birthday, but just because on that day I will be a step closer to the Big Day =)
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Reaching 20K pageview..

Do let me know who gets the lucky 20K pageview!!  

Maybe I'll get you a Ferrari or something.. nah maybe NOT!  (wish I'm that RICH) =p
but do let me know still aite hehe

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    Non, rien de rien
    Non, je ne regrette rien
    Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait
    Ni le mal... tout ça m'est bien égal !

    Non, rien de rien
    Non, je ne regrette rien
    C'est payé, balayé,
    Oublié... je me fous du passé !

    Avec mes souvenirs
    J'ai allumé le feu
    Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs
    Je n'ai plus besoin d'eux
    Balayés les amours
    Avec leurs trémolos
    Balayés pour toujours
    Je repars à zéro

    Non, rien de rien
    Non, je ne regrette rien
    Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait
    Ni le mal... tout ça m'est bien égal

    Non, rien de rien
    Non, je ne regrette rien
    Car ma vie, car mes joies
    Aujourd'hui, ça commence avec toi !

No regret.. not a lil' bit..
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Turning quarter century, very soon. Less than a week time. I dont really celebrate my birthday, usually it will just pass me by without much commotion. Well last year I had an early surprise dinner and another dinner with friends.Thank you(s) for that. This year I reckon it will be a bit different but still am not expecting much. It will be a good time to reflect what I've gone through last year, what was the highlights, ups & downs and of course what are my plans, roughly, for another year to come.

I'd say I learnt a thing or two last year. It was all good for that and also a good year-end event. I need to re-discover myself and thought it would be a hard one, but thank God it didn't take me life long journey to discover myself. Met a lot of people, career wise and socially. I discovered beautiful souls but some came and stay and some left. Maybe it's the karma of my own personal vendetta. It's all good, it's all good. I came out alive and still kicking =)

As for me this year will be a good year. A very good one. I will make it a good one. Life, love, relationship, career, family, friendship and spiritual enhancement. What I learned is that
we are all human, and choices are potential mistakes, and mistakes are good..hmm literally. I wonder how does it feels to be 25, and I can't wait to experience it myself..

God bless.
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She walks alone on the moonlit beach
Her feet slide in the ever-yielding sand
(It is the only thing in her life that gives) .
The waves wait anxiously, calling her,
Drawing her inward. Her woe is
Unknown, but the waves can wait.
Shouts in anger, sobs of sorrow
She lays down her head
And weeps.

He stands at the water's edge,
Always on the brink, but never falling in.
He lives a life of happy detachment.
The waves are his companion. He
Listens for their wisdom and takes
Their strength.

A shout is heard. No one is there;
The beach is as empty as he left it.
'Why am I alone? ' It was a
Sweet sounding sorrowful voice
Carried along by the waves. So soft,
So sweet. How can he resist the urge
To dive in?
What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
(Luke 15:4)

the search of the zahir, begins, today.
Oh well, I have so many things happened for the past weeks during my hiatus moment. Valentine's Day, my birthday, my new bike, started going to the gym again and properly, my darling's birthday, and more. I so want to write a long entry about all that, but it's like, I'm 'speechless'. Whenever I feel like writing a blog entry, I will sit in front of my laptop, end up staring at the LCD monitor instead of writing what I wanted to write. I so want to let the flow comes, and pushing me to write without actually feeling being pushed.

I doubt this would be a long entry, but yet I'm trying my best to say what I want to say last time, now, here, at this moment.

Hmmm.. my birthday. It was on the 24th Feb, but, thanks to a friend, I got a surprise birthday dinner a week earlier, and it was really a surprise to me. The live band was singing a song, and later they wished 'a guy' named zul a very happy birthday. I still didn't realized it was for me, even when they shoved me a birthday cake up to my face. I was 'cleverly' blur. Yeah dumb me ayyyy... hahaha. It was nice, thank you to all my friends who were there that nite at Oasis, dD, fee, eddie, shukor, alfie and others. Shit I'm 24 years old on the 24th February. Nice numbers.

Oh yeah, thank you to all that wished me, really appreciate it, even I'm not expecting anything. Sweet gesture it was.

I am also now a proud owner of a classic bike, a BSA B33 1947. Maybe I'll upload photos of the bike soon.

Ok, I'm stucked.. and I refused to continue. I have a lot more to say, to write, but it doesn't seems right. A quiet night reading The Zahir of Paulo Coelho might help I guess. Beautifully written, definitely gonna finish it soon.

Till then.


*This was taken from my blog. See i'm so lazy to update
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What do you guys think? Should I try this? Hmmmppp.. tempting.
Originally published on Seduction Insider, written by Jackson Morris.

Mistake #1 - It Speaks
More women complain that men never come up to them and make a move. There are millions of gorgeous women online right at this moment because they have not met anyone. When I date, women always say, "I am glad you asked me out, guys never approach me."

Fundamentally gentlemen, there is no piece of ass out there that is going to fall into your hands without you asking for it. Another complaint from women is, "Only the old guys hit on me." Well good for the old guys! The older cougars out there know about the first part of this segment and also have accrued enough confidence through life that they have no fear of failure. So walk up, speak up and say, "HELLO".

You never know when you're flirting with a girl how bad she wants you to speak to her, she is not supposed to tell you, and you are supposed to know. The word "hello" is actually understood in over 40 languages, if you cant say it in your native tongue of English, then you won't be getting any tongue.

Mistake #2 - Do What You Say
Women are like camels when it comes to sex, they can go without for quite a while. They give the guy every opportunity to screw up first before they take a drink of water. One of the most obvious and most accountable places is "word of mouth". Even the gabbiest broad will remember everything coming out of your pie hole. If you tell a girl you're "never late", then you better never be late, they have a memory like an elephant and will remind you what you said verbatim. If you say have certain goals, those are only impressive if she sees you follow through with them. Don't make empty promises. Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't make statements you can not live up to. Don't make unnecessary commitments. Don't make promises in bed after sex! Underpromise & Overdeliver!

Mistake #3 - Honesty is the Best Policy
Never ever lie! A million men, including my editor are probably shrugging their shoulders and rolling their eyes, and I will still stick to my guns. Women want to know the hard truth, and it is not your job to "guess" what you think their reaction will be to your "baggage". If you have a kid, don't hide it, if you got arrested in the 70's for selling weed, then tell her that too. Having a bit of mystery to you is different then you telling her you work at Boeing when you actually work at Wal-Mart. She might dig Wal-Mart, but if you lie, she will not tell you squat. Don't downplay anything or make it less significant than it is. If you have a blemish, don't tell her it is a pimple when you know it is Herpes Virus Simplex-1.

Mistake #4 - Secure vs. Insecure
Women know the difference when you're a braggart and when you're proud. Proud is a behavior that is confident and strong based on history and experience and earning your wings. This is emulated in patience, generosity and sense of humor. The braggart always has something to prove and gives his "resume" constantly almost competing with the girl for attention. There it is, if you are a confident man, you will be giving attention, if you are an insecure man you will be competing for it. You do not have to have multiple accomplishments in any field, if you are a "real guy" with real confidence and little insecurity, she will know.

Mistake #5 - The Deal Breaker
You better be a good kisser by now, if not you might as well have a billboard over your house that says, "Lousy Lover Lives Here!" Learning how to kiss is simple, once you get good she will take you to bed, I promise. If you don't want to buy a book on kissing, then remember this, K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple stupid. The best lesson I ever got on kissing was, "do everything the girl does". If she barely opens her mouth, then you barely open your mouth. If she only gives you the tongues tip, then you do the same. If you don't know, then literally mock what she is doing. This will also turn her on because it will tease the hell out of her. If you don't learn to kiss, then you're fucked, oh wait a minute... no you're not.

Now you know what the land mines are that she has placed for us. We know now that if we want her we have to talk to her. When we talk to her we have to be honest, confident and follow through with what we say. If and when we get to kiss her, take nothing for granted and start by kissing her the way "she" kisses. Lastly, don't forget how great you are, she would not be giving you the chance if you weren't.

*Plagiarised, with kudos to Eddie. ;)
Je veux aller à la Suède ..

Quiero ir a Suecia...

Ich will nach Schweden fahren...

Voglio andare alla Svezia ....

Ik wil naar Zweden gaan ...

Quero ir a Suécia ....

Я хочу идти в Швецию ...

Jeg drar til Sverige ....

我想去到瑞典 ...

I WANT TO GO TO SWEDEN ... NOW :(    Isk..
Days go by and here we are, at the end of the year 2005. I'm yet to find the answer to my question, is (was) it a good year? Or should I just assume that I learned a lot but achieved little?

On the positive note, I've met quite a number of beautiful souls, with heart bigger than Kong, and dreams bigger than Titanic. I'm wishing the very best for all of you, may our existence in this world co-relate closely and beautifully ever after. Amin for that.

For the past few days, I've been shoved by loads of thoughts, mainly from few good conversations that I endured gladly with few beautiful souls in my life. I treasure all the striking thoughts, heart-melting advices, pint-point notes and plain gila-babi-anjing-rootbeer funniness. To all that is my mind, throughout all those occasions above, thank you. A big big hug for all of you. May it be a guy,man,lelaki,perempuan,jantan, betina and wanita and so on. I hope the next year will be filled with loads of mind blowing thoughts, blissful events, heart melting ladies (aminnn), and prosperous businesses (amin for that one too).

I'm off. Next in my mind, Tennis tomorrow morning. Gotta hit some balls hard.. Gila-babi-anjing-rootbeer punya kuat!! LOL

Antum salimoun ..
Bonne Annee ..
Prosit Neujahr ..
Feliz Ano Novo ..
Selamat Tahun Baru ..

Happy New Year all !! :)
have a good one ...
Is it a brand new wonderful beginning or just a pure stupid thing I just did?

I cant think.

I'm taking sometime off from DA. I might be gone for a while. Till then, do take care everyone.


Erina… and Si Abang Sahril tagged me... lalalala... so yeah, just bore urself reading mine... hahaha

7 things that scare me

[1] God
[2] Financially broke
[3] Die with no iman, and love.
[4] Getting into an accident.
[5] Getting bad news from or about my family.
[6] Snakes.. Daymn snakes.
[7] No love.

7 things i like the most

[1] Good photos.
[2] Cars. Super fast cars. but I dont drive that fast hehe
[3] Movies and theater with my loved one.
[4] Beach. Hot sun. The waves. Surfing and basking under the hot sun.
[5] Tennis !!!
[6] Shoes and watches.
[7] Cuddling? :)

7 important things in my room

[1] My laptop
[2] My watches
[3] My books
[4] My camera
[5] My clothes
[6] My camera... err I've said that eh? :P
[7] O yeaa.. my photo CDs. Die if i lost em..

7 random facts about me

[1] I'm a perfectionist Piscean.
[2] I've never worked under people, as in in a company.
[3] I cant touch my right shoulder with my finger.
[4] I'm 1,239 weeks old
[5] I cant play any musical instruments, at all. So untalented in music ahahha...Dont get me into singing too!! Hahhaa disaster.
[6] I'm a tennis freak and I'm starting to love golf very much.
[7] I dont like snakes!

7 things i want to do before i die

[1] Get married and have kids
[2] Live happily with my wife and the kids
[3] Have a nice house, with few cars and harleys =p
[4] Help my family members and other close family members who;re in need
[5] See my kids grow up and get married and have a wonderful life -> agree with Erina =)
[6] Have my own business empire, but still livin' my life simple.
[7] See all my sisters get married to good men, and live happily.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

[1] Great smile
[2] Nice hair
[3] Beautiful heart
[4] Love kids
[5] Can be the most brilliant but still looks so cute when she's being silly
[6] The way she loves her family, and mine too :)
[7] And of course, again, agree with Erina, the way she loves me. :)

7 things i say the most

[1] Daymn..
[2] Silla sila
[3] Whooa
[4] You know....
[5] Ahhaaaaa
[6] Oh yeahhhh
[7] Naaahhhh

7 celebrity crushes

[1] Aishwarya Rai .. ultimate goddess dream
[2] Julia Roberts. I looovee her big wide smile and her in Pretty Woman
[3] Eva Mendes. Latino hottie
[4] Daniela Hantuchova. Her die for.
[5] Fergi of BEP. Daymn I loveee those abs.
[6] Jessica Alba
[7] Jennifer Garner

7 favorite drinks

[1] Nescafe Wo Wais ...
[2] Coffee. Black
[3] Nescafe Wo Wais..
[4] Perrier
[5] Don Parignon. Used to like it.
[6] Vodka Cranberry. Also used to like it as well. I stopped taking alcohol.
[7] Nescafe Wo Wais.. hahaha

7 memorable television shows i watched when i was little

[1] One Million Dollar Man
[2] Doraemon
[3] Sesame St
[4] Gaban hahhaha 0.05 saat!!
[5] More Jutaria !
[6] Keluarga Bahagia bersama Singer
[7] Santan Berlada

Thats all folks... I'm so tired to think nemore... :P

I will tag.. err I'll do that later.. too sleepy.. brain shutting down... vision blur... errrr... pffttt !
I just want to say sorry to all that have been dropping comments and such for my photos and not dropping a word or two for the people that I've watched simply because I've been busy with works and yeah, my mind is actually technically not aligned to where it supposed to.. So many things in my mind, I'm not mentally disturbed, or being emotic, but it's more like a mild disturbance that I have to deal with before I get to my optimum level of Sometimes it's a blessing as I would take more photos when I'm mentally disturbed, but yeah, I dont know yet. Maybe yes maybe no.

Thanks for those kind words. Appreciate it.

BLESSED EID TO EVERYONE, HOPEFULLY NOT TOO LATE FOR THIS WISH.. sorry for all my wrongdoings.. God Bless..

Being emo is not good, but I'm bored, and I'm missing someone so badly ... :(
Well my dear friend elly, has just tagged me. WHICH MEANS - I now have to write 20 things about me. Lets see now:

1. I'm skinny, eat a lot but I'm still skinny. Weird
2. I currently wish that I could go to London and spend some time there taking photos and hangout at the cafe, sipping hot coffee with few close friends. And I'm missing someone there.
3. I cant really stand straight because I've dislocated my backbones once before and I broke my knee once too because of roller hockey.
4. I want to work in fashion line. and go to all those fancy fashion shows.
5. My current idol is Mr Donald J Trump, not because he's rich but for the person he became when he's rich. His journey is something to take a closer look on.
6. I am crazy about watches and shoes. I just had my first Tag Carrera about few weeks back and eyeing for 5196 Calatrava Patek Phillippe.
7. I love Japanese food, Italian and Thai seafood. and I love Double Mushroom Swiss at Burger King.
8. I wanna travel all around the world when I have the time to do so, starting with Thailand, Cambodia, upto India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and so on.. hehehe
9. I love beaches. I wanna spend more time in Mykonos, Greece and Bora Bora.
10. Black & white is my favourite colors.
11. My favourite magazines are Vogue UK, GQ, Nylon and National Geographics.
12. I currently own an EOS D60, but I wish I have more good lenses.
13. I didn't own even a pair of Levi's jeans. I never had the urge to buy one even though I have few pairs of jeans in my wordrobe.
14. I have countless pairs of shoes. Sometimes I only wear it once and totally forgot about it.
15. I really want that Prada Aviator sunglasses!!! *wink
16. Im long-sighted. Weird eh? I'm like an old man.
17. I wanna go join MERCY to help the Pakistan-India earthquake victims.
18. All time fav song is Al-Green Lets Stay Together. and current fav is James Blunt-Goodbye My Lover.
19. I only wear Carolina Herrera parfum for the time being.
20. Hahahaha I just learnt how to use Skype, a friend taught me how to use it. Thanks Sharil aka

So now that I've finished my tag list who should I tag now?! My brain is sore from thinking so much! Well lets see...I will tag::

Miss Freak-of-Nature miss-freak-of-nature.deviantar…
and Becky

!!!~~~~ :boogie:
Zull Zaqwan

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coolness, thank you to all for coming, appreciate it :nod: :bow:    =)
I'd like to wish all muslims out there a very happy and blissful Ramadhan.  May the blessing of Allah shines on you :)  

And I just realized, I got 99 ppl watching me... I wonder who will be the 100th person.. ;) :boogie: